About our Group

 Point the Way Health Consultants is a consortium of independent healthcare practitioners collaborating with the primary focus of helping each individual seek their own level of growth and peak model of health.  

  • Ashley Poore, Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist, works with children, adolescents, adults and families with a variety of mental health and emotional issues.
  • Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist David Henry of Comprehensive Reflexology, Inc.performs integrated reflexology (foot, hand and ears) and energy balancing.  Reflexology is a powerful healing modality that stimulates relaxation and heightens the connection between body, mind, spirit and emotions which encourages the body to balance and reach a set-point where self-healing is enhanced.  My most recent certifications with Lone Sorensen :

    • Certification - Sorensensistem TM TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Neuro Reflex Therapy (2011)
    • Certification - Sorensensistem TM TCM Neuro Foot Reflexology (2011)
    • Certification - Sorensensistem TM 300 hour course in Temprana Reflexology - a compilation of 30 years of study. (completed in 2011) 
    Level 1 & Level 2 Chi-Reflexology with Cyndi Hill and Moss Arnold of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology – 2013

    David also works in association with: 
    • Family Nurse Practitioner Mary Wall Tucker of Health Concepts, LLC, who offers expansive family healthcare that blends medical science with the art of healing to deepen each individual's life through improved health and vitality.
At Point the Way Health Consultants, it is understood that there are many ways to approach imbalances and that each person is unique.  Each client contributes to the formation of the path toward their own well-being and healing. 




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