David Henry, ARCB

[David Henry, ARCB - Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist]

 American Reflexology Certification Board
Certified American Academy of Reflexology
Certified Sorensensistem TM Facial Reflexology
Certified Sorensensistem TM Temprana Reflex Practitioner
Certified Sorensensistem TM TCM Neuro Foot & Hand Reflexology

Early studies were with the American Academy of Reflexology, intense training in Integrated Reflexology (Ear, Hand and Foot Reflexology) under the guidance and tutelage of Bill Flocco, Founder of the American Academy of Reflexology, and with direct training with his accomplished protege, Ko Tan, in Atlanta, Georgia.  After National Board Certification in Reflexology, I opted to study further with an extended course in Quantum Energy Theory with Kim Seer of Detroit, Michigan and received a second certification.  After a multitude of master’s courses in reflexology, in 2009 I opted for a third certification in Facial Reflexology with Lone Sorensen.  Lone is originally from Denmark but later established schools in Argentina and Barcelona, Spain - the largest reflexology schools in the world.  My most recent certifications with Lone Sorensen :

Certification - Sorensensistem TM TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Neuro Handpuncture Reflex Therapy (2011)
Certification - Sorensensistem TM  TCM Neuro Foot Reflexology (2011)
Certification - Sorensensistem TM  300 hour course in Temprana Reflexology - a compilation of 30 years of study. (completed in 2011)  

Currently holding in excess of 900 hours of Reflexology-only certifications.

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